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Facing the Interview Board

Right Approach

Once you have set your goal, you have to attempt a synergic action of both body and mind to attend the goal unswerving singleness of purpose must underlie all your efforts. Once the mind is firmly set, you might find that providentially all the circimstances seen to converge on the aim you have in mind. PSC Exam Winning Strategy: your greatest influance on the interview's outcome is in how you deal with the questions you are asked; further what you say is important, but so is how you say it - demonstrating your equipoise and ability to think, occasionally under stress. Invariably, your response, rather than an answer, will strike a better chord in your interviewer - A response often supported by a bit of statistics, an additional peice of information or a beautiful quote. Take care to pay attention to the interviewer, and be ready to react to her or his area of interest, rather than concentrating on a rigid agenda of your own. "The patient must combat the disease along with the physician", said Hippocrates. For tackling a common evil, co-operation of both the patinet and the doctor is a must. Likewise, if the candidate has to overcome all the negetive feelings, he needs to mould such a frame of mind that insires confidence not only in himself hut in others who are there to help him come out with the best in him. Success is a two-way street. Faith breeds faith. "One surely and inevitably gains that which one truly disires and for shich one works honestly and patiently," says the Rig Veda. What we say, 'fortune','luck,'fate' and the like is mostly the end-product of patience and perseverance. You can't win a lottery unless you first buy a lottery ticket. The maestro who wins national recognition must have gone through years of practice; the scientist who makes a breakthrogh in the laboratory must have spent sleepless nights; the businessman who has made a fortune must have put into his success not only a sizeable sum of money, but a lot of sweat and toil. When such people do not make any compromise with complacency and lethagry, achieving success is only a matter of time. Their 'luck' is the result of constant striving till they see the light at the end of the tunnel. Buck up and don't look back.


  • Personality test starts the moment you step in the interview room and it continues even after you conclude the interview.
  • Expect some embarrassing moments during the test; But try to avoid expressing nervousness; Correct yourself consciously; apply your commonsense and work quality.
  • Personality test is used to screen the two extremes - the high and the low. It is doubtful that you will fall in to the bottom category and be rejected.
  • Personality test is done because the result of the written tests are not conclusive enough to make you stand out. Therefore, even if you do " Very good " in the written tests, you cannot afford to do just " Good " at the personality test.
  • Avoid taking Extreme positions in behaviour and answers. Reflect your professional behaviour and values.
  • Focus your answers on how the question may fit in to your working situation.
  • Be cheerful. Only those brimming with self-confidence can make themselfves cheerful.
  • Your personal appearance means a lot. It would show that you are a person of discipline and the one the Board is eagerly looking ofr : only a person who can take care of hiself will be inclined and competent to take care of others. So take care to appear in your best.
  • Brush up you knowledge on all about the things they would like to know from you. How you present your ideas is more important that the need to know about every thing in the world. None on earth would expect you to answer all the factual questions put to you. But they would assess you as to how you takcle the most ticklish questions.
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